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Hi friends,
              Today am posting GFG server banbot cracked by our team.Now this tool is clean and safe to use.Its the latest version released till now.

M@ID-m Member ID
K@ID - Kick ID
V@ID - Visitor ID
P@ID - Unvisitor/Particpant ID
A@ID - Admin ID
O@ID - Owner ID
N@ID - None ID
SUB@Subject - Changes Room Topic
J@ROOM NAME- Joins A Room
ACT@IP - Activates IP Ban Mode
ACT@B - Activates Ban Mode
ACT@V - Activates Visitor Mode
ACT@K - Activates Kick Mode
MEMS@ID1#ID2#ID3.. - Makes a set of ids member
BANS@ID1#ID2#ID3.. - To Ban a set of ids
PM@Msg - Send a msg to room
WC@On - To Enable Greetings
Wc@Off- To Disable Greetings
AM@On - Enables Auto Member
AM@Off - To Disable Auto Member
AB@On - To enable Auto Ban
AB@Off - To Disable Auto Ban
INV@On - Enables Invite Contatcs To Room
INV@Off - Disables Invites
REP@On - Enables Reports[Shows Actor JID]
REP@Off - Disables Reports
INCLM@On - Include members to ban/kick/Vis/IP Ban etc..
INCLM@Off - TO disable include members
REASON@On - Shows reason on bot ban
REASON@Off- Disable Reason
QUIZ@On - Enable Quiz bot
QUIZ@Off - Disables Quiz bot
JUMP@NUM - Jumps to another question
.top - Shows top players of quiz
MC@On - Enables Message Censor
MC@Off - Disables Msg Censor
UC@On - Enables USername Censor
UC@Off - Disables usrname Censor
RC@On - Resource USername Censor
RC@Off - Resource usrname Censor
ADDC@ID - Add a commander
ST@Status - Change bot status
DELC@ID - Deletes a commander
ADDMSG@Msg - Add a msg censor word
DELMSG@Msg - Delete a msg censor word
ADDUS@ID - Add a username censor word
DELMSG@Msg - Delete a usrname censor word
ADDRES@Res - Add a resource censor word
DELUS@Msg - Deletes a resource censor word
ADDWC@Msg - Add a new greeting msg (Variables : %u - username & %r - room name)
DELWC@Msg - Deletes a greeting msg
SHOW@Wc - Shows list of greeting msgs
SHOW@Us - Shows list of usrname censors
SHOW@Msg - Shows list of msg censors
SHOW@Res - Shows list of resource censors
CLEAR@Wc - Clears greeting messages
CLEAR@Us - Clears username censors
CLEAR@Msg - Clears message censors
CLEAR@Res - Clears resource censors
DP@ID - Grab a display picture 
ECHAR@Num - Sets filter of enter character per message
ML@Num - Set Message Length
UL@Num - Set Username Length
RL@Num - Set Resource Length
PRO@ID -Grab a Profile info
ADD@ID - Add to Contacts
.info - Shows current bot settings
quit - To logoff bot

AA@ON - Enables Auto Master Admins
AA@ON - Disables Auto Master Admins
JOKES@On - Enable Jokes
JOKES@Off - Disables jokes
JOKES@Num - To change jokes interval
ADDJ@Msg - Adds a jokes
DELJ@Msg - Removes a jokes
SR@ID - Shows resource of a room user
AS@On - Enables auto subscription of contacts
AS@Off - Disables auto subscription
SHOW@Ban - Shows the list of banned users by bot
res@ID - Shows the reason of ban
.u - Unbans   last banned user
SAVE@- - Saves bot settings to server.
LOAD@-  - Loads saved settings
ARRAY@List@Word1/Word2/Word3... - Add a set of words to a list 


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