Posted by : Bijesh Debbarma Friday, 1 January 2016

Today we will discuss on the how to add the workspace in metasploit in kali linux .
lets go 

Setup 1 :- first of all start the database and metasploit services with the help of these commands.
 1st :- service postgresql start
2nd :- service metasploit start
Setup2 :- Now run the metasoploit with the command .
syntax:- msfconsole
Setup 3 :- Now we are use the this command here to add the workspace in metasploit.
syntax:- workspace -a <worksapce name >

in this - a for add the workspace and <workspace name is the name of work sapce . 

  in my case i add IHT workspace here .

Now most important thing we are using the - h option to see the help.
like this 
#workspace -h  

Thanks for reading 
          Jai Hind Jai Bharat 


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