Posted by : Bijesh Debbarma Friday, 1 January 2016

Today i will teach you guys how to set a default home page of your own in your site using .htaccess file.
suppose you want to set home1.html as your homepage then write code given below in your .htaccess file
DirectoryIndex home1.html
The below change will attempt to show business.html as the default page for your website in every directory.
DirectoryIndex business.html
And you can even do something cool like have it load a movie or image by default.
Or even specify multiple files so that it will try to load the first one, then the next, and so on. So with the below line it would try to load business.html, then if that wasn’t there index.cgi, and if that wasn’t there, and so on.
DirectoryIndex business.html index.cgi default.htm
If it can’t find the file you specify it will revert to a directory listing of the files in that folder.

Thanks for reading hope it helps :)

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