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Hello Readers,

This is Jay Jani and Today i will give you some basic introduction about Stored XSS. You check out my posts related to XSS Here.

Introduction :
Stored XSS also known as Persistent XSS is one type of XSS in which an attacker has submitted malicious code and that code is saved by the server in the database. When anybody visits that perticular page or link, that malicious code will run on his/her machine. For Example assume a website has regitration form where entries are stored in the database. Now, An attacker registers an account containing malicious javascript codes. If the server fail to sanitize the input provided, it results in execution of injected script.

Impact of Vulnerability :
  • Stealing the Identity and Confidential Data(credit card details).
  • Bypassing restriction in websites.
  • Session Hijacking(Stealing session)
  • Malware Attack

Video Demonstration :

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